Turborepo + Strapi v4 + Next.js + Docker

Hello strapi community!

I have made a monorepo template using Turborep, with Strapi v4 (w/ postgres database) + Next.js powered by docker and docker-compose. Feel free to check it out!


I had problems lifting the project in windows. Apparently it’s something related to crlf and lf, but I don’t have any knowledge on that subject. I found a commit* that claims to solve this problem, but it is related to the original turborepo repository. Could you help me?

The commit*: Fix yarn lockfile parsing on Windows by jaredpalmer · Pull Request #434 · vercel/turborepo · GitHub

Did you try to update the turborepo version in package.json, to see if the issue is resloved? Maye my repo is using an older version, I will have a check tmr maybe.

Thanks for your reply, Elvincth. I solved the problem by installing the “Change All End Of Line Sequence” extension in my vscode. I converted all line endings to LF (linux) and put LF in my vscode default settings as well.