Turborepo + Strapi v4 + Next.js + Docker

Hello strapi community!

I have made a monorepo template using Turborep, with Strapi v4 (w/ postgres database) + Next.js powered by docker and docker-compose. Feel free to check it out!


I had problems lifting the project in windows. Apparently it’s something related to crlf and lf, but I don’t have any knowledge on that subject. I found a commit* that claims to solve this problem, but it is related to the original turborepo repository. Could you help me?

The commit*: Fix yarn lockfile parsing on Windows by jaredpalmer · Pull Request #434 · vercel/turborepo · GitHub

Did you try to update the turborepo version in package.json, to see if the issue is resloved? Maye my repo is using an older version, I will have a check tmr maybe.

Thanks for your reply, Elvincth. I solved the problem by installing the “Change All End Of Line Sequence” extension in my vscode. I converted all line endings to LF (linux) and put LF in my vscode default settings as well.

Thank you so much. I’m new to web development and this makes my live so much easier!

Can you maybe explain to me how you deploy this to a server?

If you are using heroku to deploy the backend you could follow the monorepo deploy guide : https://michaellin.me/deploy-multiple-apps-in-monorepo-to-heroku/

For frontend if you are using netlify you could follow this guide: Monorepos | Netlify Docs