Two-factor authentication expert

Hi all,

I work for Manageable and we’re looking for a strapi expert who feels confident that they are able to help us add two-factor authentication to our strapi CMS.

We’re looking for someone to only work on this project and are open to have discussions about what the job will entail. Some questions to consider when contacting us for this project include:

  • Have you ever integrated a 2-factor-authentication plug and play system into Strapi?
  • Do you have any concerns when thinking about it or envisage any obstacles?
  • What would you need from us to deliver this job?
  • Which time zone are you in? We are asking as we are operating in GMT and would like to make sure we can collaborate without friction.
  • What’s your availability as in when could you start?
  • What’s the duration that you envisage from start to live?

Best wishes,

Scarlet Almond

Hello @ScarletA

I can assist you.

Please reach me over my personal mail to discuss further in detail.


Please email me at

I have sent you an email. I look forward to speaking with you!