Typescript + codegen: Multiple tyes generated for one Content-Type

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3.4.1.
  • Operating System: MacOS
  • Database: PostgresQL
  • Node Version:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

Hi guyes, I am using the Rest-API but want to have strong typing while using Typescript.
Therefore, I configured codegen to automatically create types for me asking the graphql-api what types are available. But somehow, this creates multiple types for one content type.

export type Global = {
  __typename?: 'Global';
  id: Scalars['ID'];
  created_at: Scalars['DateTime'];
  updated_at: Scalars['DateTime'];
  favicon?: Maybe<UploadFile>;
  footer?: Maybe<ComponentMoleculesFooter>;
  navbar?: Maybe<ComponentMoleculesNavbar>;
  globalMetadata?: Maybe<ComponentMetaMetadata>;
  personalData?: Maybe<ComponentMetaPersonalData>;
export type GlobalInput = {
  favicon?: Maybe<Scalars['ID']>;
  footer?: Maybe<ComponentMoleculesFooterInput>;
  navbar?: Maybe<ComponentMoleculesNavbarInput>;
  globalMetadata?: Maybe<ComponentMetaMetadatumInput>;
  personalData?: Maybe<ComponentMetaPersonalDatumInput>;
  created_by?: Maybe<Scalars['ID']>;
  updated_by?: Maybe<Scalars['ID']>;
export type EditGlobalInput = {
  favicon?: Maybe<Scalars['ID']>;
  footer?: Maybe<EditComponentMoleculesFooterInput>;
  navbar?: Maybe<EditComponentMoleculesNavbarInput>;
  globalMetadata?: Maybe<EditComponentMetaMetadatumInput>;
  personalData?: Maybe<EditComponentMetaPersonalDatumInput>;
  created_by?: Maybe<Scalars['ID']>;
  updated_by?: Maybe<Scalars['ID']>;

Now, I want to get rid of the Maybe wrappers around everything, but when I set fields to ‘required’ in the admin console or in the json-representations of the types in my backend, this only changes the e.g. “GlobalInput” type and not the actual “Global” type…
Is this supposed to actually be like this??
If yes: Can somebody help me figuring out how to get the actual content types with ‘required’ fields working to get rid of all this Maybe-stuff ??
Appreciate all your efforts to help :heart_eyes: