Typescript error when using strapi.entityService.create with populate: localizations: select: string[]

I’m registering custom graphql operations using register function and get typescript error.

const extensionService = strapi.service("plugin::graphql.extension");

then function createPageWithAllLocales makes actions like:

const mainEntry = await strapi.entityService.create(modelUid, {
  data: {
  populate: {
    localizations: {
      select: ["id"],

strapi is global and has type Strapi, but seems it is incomplete, because for the property select it shows an error:

Type '{ localizations: { select: string[]; }; }' is not assignable to type 'Any<CollectionTypes.pages>'.
  Types of property 'localizations' are incompatible.
    Type '{ select: string[]; }' is not assignable to type 'boolean | NestedParams<"api::page.page">'.
      Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'select' does not exist in type 'NestedParams<"api::page.page">'.ts(2322)
index.d.ts(64, 13): The expected type comes from property 'populate' which is declared here on type '{ fields?: Any<CollectionTypes.pages>; } & { populate?: Any<CollectionTypes.pages>; } & { data?: Input<CollectionTypes.pages>; } & { ...; }'

What am I doing wrong?

Environment: development
OS: darwin-x64
Strapi Version: 4.15.0
Node/Yarn Version: yarn/1.22.19 npm/? node/v18.12.1 darwin x64
Edition: Community
Database: sqlite

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Having the same problem. @seleckis did you find a solution?

I do it like this, now:

populate: {
  localizations: true,