TypeScript support has been added to 4.3.0.beta.1

Hello Strapiers,

Typings, typings, typings. It’s the most upvoted feature on feedback.strapi.io, and we’ve been refining it even more. As we put quality and safety first, the release of full Typescript support, initially forecasted with the stable release of 4.2 has met with a small delay from our QA team, which works hard to ensure we deliver the highest safety and quality standards.

This is why we decided to release it today as part of the 4.3.0.beta.1 to allow further development and testing from the Strapi community. In the next weeks, we’ll work on adding more features like:

  • Schema Typings: you’ll get every type and utility to create schema typings. This base will allow to automatically create types for each Strapi API, with the highest precision.
  • Automatic Type Generation: this will allow you to automatically generate typings to match your schema, and indexed by your app so that you can use them in every other util.

Check the changelog here and test this beta version by running this command:

npx create-strapi-app@beta my-project

Looking forward to reading your feedback :rocket: