Typescript types for Strapi entities

When using Typescript, Strapi generates files in types/generated. However, these files seem to only concern data coming in via the API.

A lot of our code deals more with entities - the objects returned from strapi.entityService. It would be very useful for developers if the entityService methods’ return values were correctly typed.

Another small, parallel request: could the generated code also provide constants for the UIDs of different collections? So that instead of having to type, e.g. ‘api::my-type.my-type’ all the time (and hope I didn’t copy it wrong!), I could just have a constant (e.g. UserTypes.MY_TYPE) and the transpiler would tell me before it gets committed. :slight_smile:

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Joining this request.

I’ve built my own layer using the generated types, but it broke when I updated from version 4.9.0 to 4.13