UI jumps towards top after inserting images from Media Library in CKEditor

Does anyone else experience this behavior? This does not happen when uploading images straight from the file system, without going through the Media Library. Only choosing an image and inserting it via the Media Library makes the UI jump towards the top, which is annoying for writers as you can imagine.

I am not 100% whether this is a Strapi or a CKEditor issue, but since I’ve seen issues like this Cursor position is lost after adding media in WYSIWYG editor · Issue #16847 · strapi/strapi · GitHub (might be connected?) and CKEditor stand-alone does not have that problem, I am leaning towards Strapi.

If anyone has a fix or a workaround for this, let me know. Many thanks in advance!

Strapi 4.24.0
@_sh/strapi-plugin-ckeditor 2.0.4 (but I am getting the same behavior with the latest official Strapi plugin by CKEditor)

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