UI Navigation Configuration Issues

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Issue 1: Persistent “Read Fields from Related” Setting

I attempt to disable the “Read Fields from Related” option within navigation item settings. After saving the changes, I reopen the navigation item setting. I unexpectedly find the “Read Fields from Related” option enabled again (Always set to True).

Issue 2: New Collection Type URL Auto-Fill Problem

I create a new collection type within the database.
I navigate to the UI navigation configuration page in the admin panel.
I enable navigation for the newly created content type.
I confirm that the new collection type has a slug field with appropriate slugify settings.
When attempting to associate an entity from the new collection type with a new menu item, the URL field fails to auto-fill.

Looking for Assistance

I’d appreciate any insights or solutions you might have for these issues. Has anyone else encountered similar problems with UI navigation configuration?

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<@386252121072336898> please create an issue on our repository - we will investigate it

Will do thanks

thought it will be easier to chat about the issue here because I was not sure how to debug it

To debug it we will need all necessary tech info like versions of strapi, node, plugin etc

Od you see any errors in console so on and so on

It will help us reproduce

I already included the Strapi and plugin version in the GitHub issue

I didn’t notice any erros in Strapi logs

Have you tried 2.5.0?

Released yesterday

I will give it a try and let you know

I upgraded to the latest release strapi-plugin-navigation@2.5.0 and retested the issue, I still observe the same behavior.

I have a question: What does I have to initialize the content-type?

It is not clear for us. Could you help us?