Unable to delete a content type

According to the docs, it should work like this:

To delete a content-type or component:

1. In the Content-type Builder sub navigation, click on the name of the content-type or component to delete.
2. In the edition interface of the chosen content-type or component, click on the Edit button on the right side of the content-type’s or component’s name.
3. In the edition window, click on the Delete button.
4. In the confirmation window, confirm the deletion.

One of the devs deployed Strapi to the cloud, but I also have the local installation on my machine.

In the cloud version, I can delete individual fields inside the content type, but I’m unable to locate any edit/pen icon that would actually delete the type.


In the localhost version, I can spot the pen icon.

So makes me wonder if this is a permissions issue?

In the local version, I have a super admin role. In the cloud version, I have not only super admin but also the editor and author roles (do I only need super admin?)

What’s also a bit confusing is that I can’t see the Create new collection type link (in the cloud version) at end of the existing collection types list. A permission issue as well?

I’m using version 4.1.5 in the cloud, 3.6.8 in localhost.

EDIT: I found this information. For the record, the setting was Production in the cloud version:

Strapi stores model configuration files (what defines the model schema) in files such as api/restaurant/models/restaurant.settings.json. Due to how Node.js works, in order for changes to take effect, that would require Node to restart the server. This could potentionally cause downtime of your production service and likewise these changes should be tracked in some kind of source control.

Generally your “flow” of development would follow the following path:

- Development - Develop your Strapi application locally on your host machine, then push changes into source control
- Staging - Deploy changes from source control to a “production-like” environment for testing
- Production - If no other changes are needed, deploy into production
- Repeat as needed, it is recommended that you properly version and test your application as you go

Which makes me wonder what will happen, if the setting is set to Development, even in the production server?

EDIT: This is now solved and I just learned that in the production mode I can’t add any new collection types.

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