Unable to delete a user role when a user has multiple roles assigned

Using Strapi version 4.8.

On the schema.json of ‘users-permissions’ plugin at path src/extensions/users-permissions/content-types/user I modified the user-role relation to ‘manyToMany’:

"role": {
  "type": "relation",
  "relation": "manyToMany",
  "target": "plugin::users-permissions.role",
  "inversedBy": "users",
  "configurable": false

As seen on an other topic: Users and Permissions Plugin: How to assign multiple roles to single end-user

That worked as expected.

But now I got an error when I try to delete one role on a user that already has multiple roles assigned. I am not trying to delete all the roles that one user has, just if it has 3 roles delete one or two roles but always leave the user with at least one role.

The error thrown by the Strapi BackOffice is:

  "data": null,
  "error": {
    "status": 400,
    "name": "ValidationError",
    "message": "Cannot remove role",
    "details": {
      "errors": [
          "path": [
          "message": "Cannot remove role",
          "name": "ValidationError"

Is there any solution? On newer versions it has been fixed?