Unable to fetch component data using Graphql in Strapi

I am building Graphql api with Strapi. It’s a simple application which user can signup and save some of his/her information. I have two tables for that, User [Which is Strapi provided] and Profile which i use to store user additional information. The two tables has relationship

User [User has and belongs to one Profile]
Profile Profile has and belongs to one User and contact component structure.
I want to be able to fetch the current logged in user and it’s information from Profile table, but the Contact field which i save as component type return null.

Here is what i am doing so far


module.exports = {
  definition: `
    extend type UsersPermissionsMe {
      profile: ProfileMe

    type ProfileMe {
      id: ID!
      website: String!
      description: String!
      contact: ContactMe

    type ContactMe {
      id: ID!
      name: String!
      phone: String!
      email: String!



'use strict';

module.exports = {
  fetchAuthenticatedUser(id) {
    return strapi.query('user', 'users-permissions').findOne({ id }, ['role', 'profile']);

And when run GraphQl Query

query {
  me {
    profile {
      contact {

it returned

  "data": {
    "me": {
      "username": "company",
      "email": "company@test.com",
      "profile": {
        "website": "http://localhost.com",
        "description": "lorem text",
        "contact": null

I want to also get contact data here. I hope someone on Internet can help me. please help, thanks you.

Did you find a solution I’m also unable to use a Component with Graphql even 11 months later :confused:

same as @Maxime . anyone figure this out yet?

Same issue here.
I should see a stack in the graphiql explorer, but i don’t.
Made 2 similar content types and i have the same issue on both.