Unable to populate one to many relationship data

I have two collection course and session and i have added a relation field in the course collection having one to many relationship, field name I have used is sessions in course collection.
When I am trying to grab the sessions for each course using populate its not returning in the api response. whereas data is getting populated fine for the component relations I have with course collection.

If anyone can help with this that will be very helpful for me.


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<@239104470137569283> any ideas here, looks like it should work to me, gone over it in office hours - the component populates fine, but the relation does not. No obvious errors, nothing noticable as “incorrect implementation” - asked Rajat to come to tonights open office hours

here is the postman screenshots

<@347119534957789187> can you please tell me your timezone and next session of open office hours

In gmt. Next open hours is 6pm gmt tonight. So In about 6 hours

<@347119534957789187> have you got time to discuss this issue

This is issue is resloved there was some api permissions issue which we have fixed