Update graphql relational field without overwriting it

Quick graphQL question:

I have a field called likedUsers which is a many relation.

If I have a mutation which updates a many relation field like so:

updateEntry(input: { where: { id: $entryId }, data: { likedUsers: [$userId] } }) {

Is there a way I can add to the many relation field rather than overwriting it? I don’t want to delete all the users who have previously ‘liked’ the entry.

You will need to include all the other IDs, but in your case I can see how this would be painful (especially if you start dealing with Facebook or Reddit level of comments).

In your case, a custom GQL resolver may be the answer, you can find our custom resolver documentation here: https://strapi.io/documentation/v3.x/plugins/graphql.html#customize-the-graphql-schema

Did you ever find a solution for this?

Any one has find the solution for this?

I have a similr issue, I need to update a dynamic zone. Any help on how to write the query?