Update requires data, Getting this error while updateMany

System Information
  • 4.4.5:
  • MAC:
  • MYSQL:
  • v18.12.1:
  • 8.19.2:
  • No Yarn:

Screenshot 2022-12-30 at 12.42.14 PM

I am using updateMany as per the docs of Strapi Show Here

But I am getting an error that shows that
error: Update requires data

I just want to update pre_order value from cart table which is filter by user

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Hey, did you figure it out?

The problem is, that you want to update a relation field of cart. It seems like updateMany can’t do that at the time, however the documentation is cloudy about it. So I don’t know, whether its a bug or the feature is missing. But it would be useful!!!