Update to 3.6.0 from 3.5.4 breaks admin

Hello guys, I just updated to 3.6.0, removed node_modules, build, .cache, yarn.lock and run yarn install && yarn develop again but the admin page does not work.

I’ve customized several parts of the admin panel so I understand that this could have happened with previous updates also. How can I check which files in the admin/src have been changed for the new release so I can go and check what is not working?

I managed to solve an issue regarding the ErrorBoundary change but the new error I am getting is not helping me find which file has the problem.

I came across a similar error regarding ErrorBoundary. I had a custom admin\src\containers\PluginDispatcher\index.js and in that file the change that the team made was to go from
import ErrorBoundary from ‘…/ErrorBoundary’; to
import { ErrorBoundary } from ‘react-error-boundary’;

so I suggest you search where that import exists in your custom admin pages.

Here is where I found how it is supposed to be after the update

Some new info here from the github issue for anyone wondering.