Updating content in dev mode and production

System Information
  • 4.5.0:
  • Win10:
  • Sqlight and Postgresql:
  • 18.12.1:
  • 9.1.2:
  • 1.22.19:

Hi guys.
Got a bit confused here. Hope someone will be able to clarlify.

So i created a website using Strapi as a backend. registered Superadmin account to create collections etc. Then i figured out how to deploy my website using Digital Ocean. Had to create application there, so another admin account for strapi was created. This account cant add new collections. Can only put data into collections and amend. As far as I understand this is normal. However, when i create new collections on localhost and put some data in there - data wont get automatically updated on Digital ocean strapi. Ineed to manually add content. Is this normal? I can see newly created collections, but data is blank, So i need to copypaste all the date from localhost strapi to digital ocean strapi. Which is very annoying. Is there a workaround?

This is correct. It’s most common that you want to transfer only your model between environments but leave the data itself evolve independently.

If you want your data to be available in your production (digital ocean) instance you must create them there. There is currently no official way to transfer data across environments.

However, you may want to checkout the Config sync plugin

which lets you export/import chosen data types from/into DB into/from JSON files. It is commonly used to transfer configuration types (i.e. content manager layout, locales etc.) but can be used to transfer any data type.