Upgrading from 3.1.7 to 3.2.3 breaks project

System Information
  • **Strapi Version3.1.7:
  • **Operating SystemWindows 10:
  • **DatabasePostgreSQL 13:
  • **Node Version14.16.1:
  • **NPM Version6.14.12:
  • **Yarn VersionN/A:

Hey everyone, I have been upgrading from 3.0.0-beta.17 in attempt to get to the latest version and I made it all the way to 3.1.7. What a journey this has been! It seems I am stuck here though, when I upgrade to 3.2.3 I am met with a breaking error that I cannot find anywhere on google: error Bootstrap function in plugin "users-permissions" failed [2021-05-12T01:55:18.328Z] error error: update "users-permissions_permission" set "role" = $1, "created_by" = $2, "updated_by" = $3 where "id" = $4 returning * - column "created_by" of relation "users-permissions_permission" does not exist

I am working for a client and I have suggested we just install a fresh strapi and re-create the content types, but I was wondering if anybody could help me continue with the upgrade process. I have installed a new version of strapi as a test, and I can see in the new install there are columns created_by and updated_by in the table users-permissions_permission that do not exist in the existing database I’m working in. However, there are no migration instructions that I can find that detail creating these tables. I have followed all the instructions line by line for every version upgrade. Is there anybody that can help me? Thank you very much.