Upgrating v3.6 to v4

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Hi i upgated my strapi v3.6 to v4. And i run db upgrade tool. But i get this error on chrome console when click “create new entyr” button, i get this error:

main.f516f076.js:354 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘code’)
at Ce (main.f516f076.js:2417:3017)
at us (main.f516f076.js:352:20460)
at Lf (main.f516f076.js:354:45147)
at Df (main.f516f076.js:354:40766)
at Zu (main.f516f076.js:354:40694)
at pc (main.f516f076.js:354:40548)
at rf (main.f516f076.js:354:36803)
at Of (main.f516f076.js:354:35742)
at W (main.f516f076.js:433:1646)
at MessagePort._e (main.f516f076.js:433:2029)