Upload files related to an entry Problem: related field return null!

Hi everyone,
I am new to Strapi.

Currently, I am uploading files & images to strapi using Postman.

I have two Collection-type. Article & Category. They are both related. In other words, they have many-to-one relationship.

I am watching someone on Youtube that using strapi with flutter.

In the video, he showed using Postman that we need to use form-data to post files/images to strapi.

My problem is in the output.

His output looks like this:

He is saying related should not be NULL.

His version is 3.0.0v
Mine is 3.2.4v

Is there some enhancements to strapi that does not need “related” field?
Do I need to fill the key-value fields in Postmane?
What is the problem here exactly? Can anyone help, please?

thanks in advance.

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Can you give me a sample of the Postman request you are making?

It is possible to upload without connecting the media to a related model/field.

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Thanks for replying to my problem.

Here is the sample

I was going to give a full feedback with images, but it doesn’t allow more than one media to be uploaded.

I know it is possible. the files are uploading. there is no problem in that aspect, but why “related” field is null? Why it does not show what the previous image show?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I have the same problem. I’d like to know if you could find any solution for it.
I’m making the request for uploading files related to an entry exactly like its described here and the “related” field in response is Null.
Strapi v3.4.2

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same problem here
did you find any solution?