Upload image does not work anymore after a yarn build command

Hi everyone,

I am struggling wtih that issue for 2 days now, so i guess i need some help :slight_smile:

I wanted to use the Stripe plugin for my app, so i did install it. After that, it did not appear on my administration panel. After some recherches, i found out that i had to do a “yarn build” command. So i did it, and the stripe plugin was on my administration panel.
I thougth everything was rigth, BUT… now i can’t upload medias anymore. When i try to do it, Strapi says that “Files are empty”. In my console i have the following informations : Bad request status 400, and when i went deeper in the informations i found out that the data are “null”.

By any chance, is there someone who would help me with that ?

Thank you very much for help :slight_smile:

This error occurred when I had axios 1.1.3 installed. If you have axios v1 installed, downgrade to 0.27.2 and rebuild. Uploads should work again.