Upload Large file size of 10GB order

I am working on an application which requires large file upload from React front end of the order of 10GBs. I have already increased the formidable upload default value from default 200mb to 10GB. I am facing below mentioned issues to handle this requirement.

  • From react application with multipart upload option upload speed is good around 10mbps till 4GB upload. I am able to upload 4GB file successfully. But after 4GB upload speed reduces to 256kbps, also after uploading around 4.75 GB upload crashes giving error.
  • Even if I am able to upload 4GB file but upload plugin does not support beyond 2GB. There is a method in upload.js service file called enhanceFile() which uses fs.readFile() and try to create buffer of 2GB which is not supported by this method. So application crashes. I have done bit customization by creating a stream rather then reading file in buffer and uploading it to Azure Blob store.

Question is - What is the best way to upload such large files. Can I send file data from react in chunks. If yes than does Strapi handle chunked data upload?

Can anybody help me with this issue and tell what is the best way to handle this in Strapi & React Front end.

Did you check your proxy configuration?

Can you please help me how and where to check that. I am just using React app as well as Strapi running in my local system only directly.