Urgent Help Needed: Strapi Data Suddenly Disappeared, but Meili Search Data Still Exists

Subject: Urgent Help Needed: Strapi Data Suddenly Disappeared, but Meili Search Data Still Exists

Hello Strapi Community,

I am facing a perplexing issue with Strapi and would greatly appreciate your help and guidance.

I have been using Strapi with a mysqlL database and Meili search engine for my project. Everything was working fine until recently when I noticed that all the data in my Strapi database suddenly disappeared without any apparent reason. However, strangely, the data in my Meili search engine is still intact.

I am deeply concerned about this unexpected data loss in Strapi and worried about the potential impact on my project. It is crucial for me to understand what might have caused this issue and how I can recover my lost data in Strapi.

I would be immensely grateful if anyone could provide guidance on the following:

What could be the possible reasons for Strapi data to suddenly disappear while Meili search data remains unaffected?
Are there any logs or error messages I should check to diagnose the issue?
Is there a way to recover the lost data in Strapi using the data still present in Meili search?
What steps can I take to prevent such data loss from occurring again in the future?
Are there any best practices or recommended backup strategies for Strapi to mitigate data loss risks?
I am eager to resolve this issue and ensure the stability and reliability of my Strapi database.

Thank you in advance for your help and support. I appreciate any insights or advice you can provide.

Best regards,

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First did your admin user also get deleted?

And second. Does your dev projgect point to the same database as your production project.