Use @nuxtjs/strapi to add Authentication to your project

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Does strapi@^0.3.4 support only Local email Login ?
Can you provide How to login with another provider like Google for strapi V.4

Login with email and password successfully. But got an error

Cannot read property ‘data’ of undefined

missing stack frames at pages/articles.js.

BTW, the github link to backend is with Strapi v3 but that of the frontend is for Strapi v4.

I don’t think the nuxt/strapi installation examples are up to date. They don’t match the current website’s documentation. I don’t believe ‘entities’ is required any more, either.

Found out that Nuxt ignoring /api part in config file nuxt.config.js. Fixed by adding a slash in URL strings after ‘/api’ in env: STRAPI_URL and strapi: url values. Thanks for nice tutorial!