Use of a reuseable enum

What would be the best way to create a enum that is useable across lots of different models. I know i can create one within a particular model, but then looking to use that across multiple.

Main reason is then if i update 1 i dont have to update it in several different locations, cant find a built in way but maybe im just missing something in a set up for this.

Thanks for any help/ideas :slight_smile:

Hey @Thomas_Greener,

An idea is to create your own custom field Custom fields | Strapi Documentation abd another one is to create a component with just one field.

Maybe that second idea is kind of an overkill :thinking:

Thanks for sudgestions, ill have a look at a custom field and see what i can make work. The custom component was my back up, but like you said feels a bit overkill :smiley:

Happy to help, I would be glad to know what way was the best for you when you finish :slight_smile:

been haveing more of a look into this today and i think i may have to go down the component route with 1 field.
The more reading i do to have a collection with a single field just from a speed pov right now. Would love to have this as a custom field, but with 10-15 enums for the data sets looks liek i would end up needing to create an equiviliant amount of custom fields,

Im sure there is a smart way somewhere around havign basically a key value pair with the key being the enum name and the value being a list of values (the enum values) but maybe something i need to spend a lot more time understanding the code and its structure before diving head first into that, and then would need multiple dropdowns etc to drive the whole system. Maybe one for the future after more research haha