Use Strapi for a burger ordering app

Hi everyone,
I’m beginning to code an app in react native for a burger ordering app( for a friend) and I’m thinking with Backend can i use.

I’ve thought to use strapi but i don’t know ( it would be the first time i will use strapi), If i could do everything that it would be required for that. For example, some business requirements are :

  • Sign up/sign in user in the app with encryption
  • it would be used together with a POS ( Point os sale) in the store to integrate the online order with the POS
  • Create content as the new burgers, salads, (this point is obvious) for the online app

Definitely, it would act as a mix of CRM and CMS

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Hi @ifmael

This sounds like something Strapi can do, I would recommend you play around a bit to understand the structure of Strapi. Try playing with some of our templates and starters.

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Thanks for your answer, but , make sense use strapi to save the online order from the app?

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Yes this is possible. We actually build one using strapi and postgresql.