Use Strapi with existing Postgre database

System Information
  • Strapi version: 4.11.7
  • OS: Ubuntu/Mac
  • DB: Postgre
  • Node version: 18

Hey guys. We want to use Strapi with our existing Postgres db. The idea is to create a separate schema to isolate everything Strapi related. But then, we saw this warning in documentation:

“Strapi applications are not meant to be connected to a pre-existing database, not created by a Strapi application, nor connected to a Strapi v3 database. The Strapi team will not support such attempts. Attempting to connect to an unsupported database may, and most likely will, result in lost data.”

So now I have the following questions:

  • Does Strapi change data outside of the provided schema?
  • If no, is the warning above even applicable in our use case, or it is rather a blanket statement that any tables within the schema can be deleted at any point by Strapi? Can we basically ignore it?
  • What kind of permissions the Postgre DB user should have for Strapi to properly function? I see here that Postgre user must have all SCHEMA privileges and I wonder why is it needed, if Strapi works within one schema.