User creation Registration token not being generated

System Information
  • Strapi version: v3.6.10:
  • OS: Ubuntu:
  • DB: MongoDB:
  • Node: 12.22.1:
  • Npm: 6.14.12:
  • Yarn: 1.22.10:

Hello everyone, I’m having an issue when creating new user from the administration panel.

When going to “Settings > Administration Panel / Users > Create new user” I fill the information as requested and try to create the user. Which usually generates a link/url for the user to create the password. This URL includes a query:


What is happening is that the registration token is not being created or not being added to the URL and I get the following:

This only happens outside my local environment (integration, valdiation, production).

My logs are not showing any error and I don’t know what else can I check :frowning:

Thank you Everyone


I am having the same issue running v4.1.10. Creating a new admin user does not generate registration token nor add it to the url it lets you copy and send to the user.

I think this issue was fixed in 4.1.11 (see Fix admin user registration by Convly · Pull Request #13307 · strapi/strapi · GitHub), so upgrading to the latest release should resolve this.