Users functionality

Hello, I would like to utilise Strapi for my next CMS should it be appropriately up to handling the tasks of a multi layered industry based niche topic community driven websites, that delivers content, apps & functionality depending on the user level.

After spending many hours playing around with the Community version, it would seem that that some user functionality is locked? (and would prevent me from developing & building my app)…

Can someone from the community please confirm that to “unlock” the ability to create a relational field for user, against any other content type is a LOCKED function in the community version. I could be wrong, if I was to take an “index” for user and pull all “events” for that “userID”?

This should be simplistic in web development & coding & I fear I am just overlooking the correct method of obtaining the functionality. I look forward to your responses, Kind Regards!

Not sure what you mean, but you can create relationships between a User (user-permissions) model and any other model.

Or are you asking about the Admin Users? If yes, it is not supported in the community version. You can only create a relationship to Admin Users from another model.