Using Strapi admin panel only for membership management

Hi Strapi community,

I’m looking to build a membership management system for my student club using Strapi. My plan is to use only the Strapi admin panel and its design system, without creating a separate web application.

The key features I need are:

  • Members can log in to perform actions
  • Admins/officers can also log in with more permissions
  • Ability to track and manage member information

I want to keep everything within the Strapi admin panel. Is this a reasonable approach or should I consider building a separate front-end application? Any advice on best practices for this type of use case would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Samy,

I guess you could, but not sure what you mean with “Actions”. Either way, you can configure users to have different roles, and each role’s permissions can be configured. Permissions can be from, being able to read any posts for example, but only edit my own posts, etc. But as said, your description is vague, just maybe install Strapi and play around to see if it fits.