Using Strapi as CMS for the end user

I am working in a projects that has multiple layers of users, I want to give multiple layers access to Strapi so they can change their content. I am expecting at least 100 users to use it daily.

A company has IT, Admin, Finance, Sales and Client.
I would like to use Strapi for IT to manage the system architecture and what table shows at what level, for Admin to manage users, Finance and Sales will manage their own content and the Client will have a simple website that uses the endpoint of Strapi.

Can Strapi handle this use case?

All I can add is that Strapi does offer a user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, and that makes it an excellent choice for managing multiple layers of users and their content.

Yes, it can

Strapi can handle the use case you described! With its flexible permissions and role-based access control, you can easily assign different levels of access to IT, Admin, Finance, Sales, and Client.

IT can manage the system architecture and table configurations, while Admin can handle user management. Finance and Sales can have their own content management capabilities, and the Client can benefit from a simple website that utilizes Strapi’s endpoints. If you need additional support or expertise, you might try to Hire Magento developer. They can help you fine-tune the integration between Strapi and your website, ensuring a seamless experience for your users.