Using Strapi as CMS on top of firestore data base

I am currently looking for a headless CMS that can be build upon a firebase firestore as backend. The firestore is used as backend for a native mobile App.

Since Strapi is a very mature and widely used solution I am considering it as a top candidate.

Does anyone has experience on how to connect Strapi with the firestore? Are there any connectors available?

Thanks for any advice!

Welcome to the Strapi Community @Niklas_Rapp

Because Strapi is built on NodeJS, you can always just extend things yourself. It really depends what you are doing.
But you can use the firebase SDK to extend functionality etc.
Remember that Strapi V4 is MYSQL and you are trying to store NOSQL data so it’s different database schemas.

So no sadly there is no “connectors” etc except for the firebase SDK