Using Strapi instance as Auth provider for additional Strapi instances?


I am trying to prove out a certain architecture, but I am not yet totally up to speed on Strapi Auth capabilities.

With Apollo Server I am planning to use it as a gateway / supergraph to pull together multiple subgraphs generated / managed by multiple Strapi instances. One Strapi instance per subgraph. I am also considering Hasura in front of these multiple Strapi instances in place of Apollo Server.

I need for my Admin users to each have access to one or more of the Strapi Admin UI to manage content for each subgraph.

I need for my website users to have access to each subgraph via Graphql queries as they all provide some aspects of data or content for the main public website or mobile app.

I would prefer to set up a core instance of Strapi to function as the Authentication provider for the other Strapi instances. Each Strapi Instance will manage its own Admin UI users’ roles / permissions as well as roles / permissions for each website API user.

I was also wondering if Strapi instances can be configured to share a JWT? If I kept the Users collection synced up and provided the same secret for each Strapi instance, could it not use the JWT that was minted from my core instance?

Thanks for your input.