Using Strapi to source 5 different domains/websites

Hi! So we use Strapi for our main company website now and we are going to develop four different label websites (each have a own domain!) where we also want to use the same Strapi instance to source the content. So some of the content we create in Strapi should only be going to domain1 and some will need to go to 1 and 3, for instance.

The setup will be like:

One Strapi → Sourcing to domain1, domain2, domain3 etc.

First of all. Is this even possible with Strapi? I did read mixed things about it and I want to make a proper decision based on your inputs. Is it worth it to even try to set this up, or should we look into other options?

There is no multi tenancy.
What you could use to work around is to have all domains contact the 1 strapi instance.
Then use collections / components etc to source the info to each one.
Middleware to allow requests etc.

We did exactly what you are describing and ended up with two different frontends ( & and single types/collections dedicated to each domain or shared ones between both domains and filtering the fetched data. Strapi is accessible only via one domain and we manage content for both there. Routing is a pain though.