V4 database migration scripts

Hi there, does anyone know about the current state of the SQL migration scripts?

The migration guide states:
“Scripts will be available soon to automate the migration of a SQL database from Strapi v3 to Strapi v4.”

I am currently migrating a project from v3 to v4 and it’s time to migrate the database now, so it would be nice to know, when the scripts are expected to be finished.

If anyone knows what the estimated time is or where I can have a look at the current state of the scripts, I would be really thankful!

Best regards! Keep up the great work!


It would be fantastic to know that for our migration time planning! :slight_smile:

Might SQL dump help you. I have also searched before for strapi but I didn’t get it.

Hello :wave:

Any update on this? Is not that I’m in a hurry, is just that it would be nice if there was a date to it. If it lands in less than a month I may wait, if is more than that I will try to do it myself.

This repo hasen’t been updated in months:

Is that the place you are coding the scripts so we can se atleast how advance it is?


Any news on this ? :slight_smile:

The codemods was updated the other day and is for helping migrate your code-base. Actual data migration scripts (both in testing right now) can be found here: GitHub - strapi/migration-scripts

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