V4 default Rich Text Editor needs improvements

Hello, I’m new to the Strapi world. So far I am very impressed by it. I am eager to start offering clients development on Strapi and not have to use WordPress as a CMS.

One of my resistance from offering Strapi to clients is the behavior of the Default Rich Text Editor. The Strapi v4 default Rich Text Editor field needs improvements.

Just like v3 the default mode is set to markdown and when in preview mode the user can’t edit the content directly. There is the option to expand to have a side by side view of both modes, but it’s redundant. I’m curious why there was a decision for it to have this behavior?

One of the main uses for a CMS is to allow a non-coder the ability to edit the content of a website without having to deal with code. Although markdown is rather easy to understand, it’s still code and general users of the CMS shouldn’t have to see the markdown code.
Having a simple user-friendly Rich Text Editor WYSIWYG is important to any CMS.

Is there any plans to change the default behavior to start in preview mode and allow editing in that mode?

The other solution to this WYSIWYG problem is to use CKEditor5 (https://ckeditor.com/) as a replacement. In v3 there is plugin that did this, but it is not compatible with v4. A v4 version is in development: https://github.com/Roslovets-Inc/strapi-plugin-ckeditor5

I feel ideally it would be best once the plugin is complete, that the CKEditor5 becomes the default editor used in the core installation of Strapi v4.

What is everyone’s thoughts on this?

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Yo, you’ve probably solved this already but I wanted to direct your attention to something like https://github.com/wizcas/strapi-plugin-wysiwyg-tui-editor

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It’s an awesome initiative, but after installing it the editor didn’t change as I expected it to.

It does! As I’ve written here

After running yarn build and reloading the browser with “empty cache and hard reload” it did work as expected

I have brought this issue up on the Strapi Community Call from last month. The devs are aware of this issue.

You can watch the video of it here: Strapi Community Call February - YouTube
Question is asked at the 24:51 mark.

They essential said they are not prioritizing changing it at the moment. There is third party integrations available for the time being. They plan to work on changing the default rich text editor this year at some point.

There is feature request on this issue on their github repo. You can add to the discussion there:

For those interested, Strapi’s features requests are now done on a different platform.

Be sure to upvote and to give comments on this request here:

Hello Everyone!!
As you mentioned before, Strapi Text Editor has a Markdown Mode, as well as a Preview Mode. Everything looks fine inside the Strapi Text Editor. The thing is that anytime I write something using html tags in the Text editor, the view on my browser is still showing the html tags. Does anyone know why the text appear with the html tags in my front view?

There is now an official CKEditor 5 integration as a Strapi Custom Field. It should be the most feature rich integration. The CKEditor team plans to make more updates to it.

Link to new plugin:

Learn more about CKEditor5:

It is based in markdown, isn’t it?