[V4] How to override admin interface of plugin extension?

I’m trying to customize one of the hooks file \src\extensions\preview-button\admin\src\hooks\use-preview-data.js of preview button but I’m not sure how to override the file with plugin extension. The documentation only show the method for plugin’s server interface but I’m not sure how to customize for admin interface. Anyone know how to solve this ?

+1! I’ve been trying to work this out for far too long - I want to extend the interface of a plugin (injection zones are far too limited) but the little documentation or community posts that can be found are only about extending the server not the admin - please somebody help!

It’s currently not possible to extend the admin panel or customize existing admin panel elements. Only very little such configuration is supported in v4.

See the red box here:

The docs point to patch-package as a possible workaround, but IMO that’s not a sustainable solution.