Way to make updates in bulk, for one specific fiel on each specific content-type

Hi guys, i’ need a way to change multiple specifcics fields in a specific content-type using strapi.

– Example: i have multiple users already registred in my database, and each user have a field with address, some users haven’t informed their address.
But now, with some csv/google docs search ( or a form ) i have more info and more address of my users, and now i need to update everyone’s address fields, but imagine i have more then 1000 address for update, its possible to update all them using csv in strapi ?

There are roughly 2 or 3 ways to make bulk updates but none of them are directly native to Strapi:

The simplest way is simply performing a loop on the client side, this provides the best fault tolerance to the frontend, where in case of a failure it wouldn’t entirely stop the process and errors with specific entries could be handled gracefully with ease.

The following two require custom controllers/routes within Strapi:

  • Either you do the same loop but server-side where the client basically just sends a payload that is an array of objects. This is slower since you couldn’t utilize load balancing and handling errors is not as simple (how do you tell the client that 2/10 in the array had errors?)
  • The other method involves more custom logic in a controller which could utilize custom queries (aka bypassing strapi logic) and doing an actual database level bulk insert/update, it’s at this point where you could probably parse a CSV and convert it to the structure needed in a custom query. This would be the fastest method but would pose the same error handling problem. It’s also the most complex to do.
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Hi Haffy, i realy appreciate your awnser!! Thankyou very much!

Did you have any example of the first method ? An loop example for other purpose or therefore a code example for do that ? Gona be very helpful !!!

Literally just a for loop or a .forEach():

const axios = require("axios");

const strapiURL = "http://localhost:1337/articles";

const data = [
    title: "test1",
    body: "test1",
    title: "test2",
    body: "test2",
    title: "test3",
    body: "test3",
    title: "test4",
    body: "test4",

async function sendData(data) {
  for (let i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
    try {
      await axios.post(strapiURL, data[i]);
    } catch (e) {


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Thankyou again!

And i have just one more question, its about strapi plugin, in your opinion, you imagine its more easy to add a custom logic to add and extract a CSV data directly using the strapi interface with an plugin or one specific button then updates/create multiple things.

Depends, I’ve tested solutions like this in the past by sending an API request to parse a CSV but it was pretty dirty and didn’t handle errors well. (It’s been over a year so I probably don’t have that same code anywhere and even if I did it would be largely out of date).

Building a custom node script to handle something like this would probably be easier.