Website gives 403 error

hi guys

Please, help me to understand whats going on

So i have a website with strapi backend and react front end
Strapi backend was created using quickstart thus sqlite database.
Backend is deployed using heroku. I followed strapi docs so used postgresql add on.
Got no error messages when deploting, so when i open heroku server i get a message from strapi “The server is running successfully.”

However, website doesnt show any data from Strapi, it gives me 403 error.

First thing i checked was user permissions. Ticked “find” and “find one” everywhere.
One thing i need to mention - some posts on stakeoverflow suggested going into application section in /users-permissions/roles/public - However, i dont have that section. Has it changed

Then i found some past saying that postresql wont work since i used quickstart sql database
However, Strapi docs doesnt say anything about it.

What else can be wrong here? what else can i do? i feel like i am missing something