What are the meanings of parameter in user permission plugin?


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I am building a membership subscription website selling premium content using strapi , which has 3 levels.
Level 1 , level 2 ,level 3. The higher lever should has all access of previous levels.
But when I create a new role , I am so confused? What is “find” , “findOne” , what is “callback” ,“connect” , “getPermissions” (getPermissions of WHAT?)

I find no documents explicitly explains these parameters…

callback and connect are for auth0 providers that strapi suports
all the pasword stuff should speak for itself.
register is to register a new user.
sendEmailConfirmation is an endpoint used to resend the email conformation.
getPermissions to to see what permissions exists not sure if it is all or for a specific role.
everying that ends with Role speaks for itself.
find is to get a list of all roles.
findOne is to find a spesific role by id.
count is counting the amount of users.
destory is removing a user.
create creating new user.
findOne and find is the same as for role only for users this time.
me endpoint get the currently loged persons information by there auth header.

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