What if Strapi drops support for MongoDB, will my data lost?

System Information
  • Strapi Version 3.6.8:
  • Operating System:
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Node Version 14.:
  • NPM Version 6.:
  • Yarn Version:

My current Strapi project has MongoDB database. Strapi is claiming that they will drop support for the mongodb very soon.
So will I lost my all data? This 8 months data mostly based on strapi single pages, so it very hard to manually migrate or move the data into an other data base. So please let me know. What will happen if Strapi do so?
Thank you

I think that what the Strapi team is doing is the writing migration guides for the following.
Strapi V3 MongoDB → Strapi V3 SQL
Strapi V3 Sql → Strapi V4 SQL

So it will need to be done in stages. I think the guides from what people have said around on discord is End of “March” at least end of Q1 for the migration guides.

So the answer is technically no.
So stay on V3 until the migration guides are ready.

Thanks a lot for the kind response. :relieved:

Exactly as @Eventyret mentioned, we are working on migration guides that will help get existing MongoDB users over to SQL on v3 and then from v3 SQL database to v4 SQL.

Database backups will absolutely be important and you should do a lot of testing to ensure you aren’t missing data during the migration process (we will absolutely mention this in the guides, as much as possible preferably :sweat_smile: )


When is backup not important.
I mean you should have backup with redundant backup which has off site backup :joy::joy::joy: