What Is a Webhook and How Does It Work?

You may have come across webhook integrations in several of the applications you use without even knowing it, or you may be wondering: what is a webhook, exactly, and why would I need it? To put it simply, webhooks are one of the ways apps are able to share updates with you by sending automated messages. For instance, if you wanted to receive a notification every time someone you follow updated their social media, a webhook would act as the liaison. In essence, it is a solution you can implement to have apps ‘communicate’ with one another, pushing data between them. Let us delve deeper into all you need to know about webhooks and how to use them.

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Firstly congratulation. It’s really great article.
I have few doubts, if you can answer

  1. Does webhook provide logging, to understand successfull/failed logging?
  2. How we will come to know that webhook delivery is successfull/failed to destination server?
  3. Any way to trigger failed events(delivery failed) again?