What is the latest version of Strapi and does it have Typescript support?

I’m confused. What is the current version of Strapi?

I did an install and it says it’s running v4.12.1.

But apparently version 4.3 is also live?

But the releases are 4.12?

I have media folders, which is supposed to be 4.3… I don’t have typescript but there is a CLI command to add it as a feature upon install.

Can someone please help me understand if 4.3 is a beta version or something?

I’m confused as well, but on your message :slight_smile:
Last version is v4.12.1
v4.3 was released ~July 2022 and starting from that version Strapi supports TypeScript

I’m sorry, I was reading 4.12 as 4.1 and 4.3 as being higher than 4.1. So - that was my confusion. :slight_smile:

In order to use typescript you must install using the --typescript command, right?

Yes, --typescript or --ts