What kind of environments do you have? How do you use them?

We run Strapi in Kubernetes, currently with vertical scaling only. We’d like to eventually switch to horizontal, but you probably know that’s not quite easy. There are a number of challenges that need to be solved before that, which Strapi is not currently ready for.

Originally, we wanted to be able to have administrators edit content-types as well. However, this turned out to be a dead end. Sharing these changes would be quite complex and probably unreliable.

So we switched to a solution where:

  • Only developers can edit content-types and the changes are versioned in Git.
  • Staging has its own S3, its own database and container in kubernetes.
  • Production has its own resources at the same scale as staging.

How do you develop projects on Strapi? What is your experience and what would you recommend?
For us, we are currently working on our first project, so we still have a lot to learn :slight_smile: