What Strapi Version should I use for an upcoming project?

There is a project in pipeline, which should start development in the next 2-3 weeks.
I am wondering if you all would use Strapi 4 for this or if you would use Strai 5 beta.

The thing is: It will probably not easy to upgrade Strapi 4 to Strapi 5. But with Strapi 5 on the horizon, Strapi 4 will be out of date pretty quickly.
I fear, that if I use Strapi 4, I will have to redo all my major work again when Strapi 5 is out. But Strapi 5 is still Beta und not ready for production.

So what would you recommend?

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I would use Strapi v4 for sure. v5 is still not stable at all, majority of plugins do not work etc.