What version of postgres does strapi support?

System Information
  • strapi version: v4
  • OS: linux
  • db: postgres
  • node version: 16.4.0
  • npm version: 8.3.0
  • yarn version: N/A

We unfortunately were a little late to the party noticing that mongoDB is unsupported. We want to move to postgreSQL. My question is what version of postgres does strapi use? I found some appetizing free tier postgreSQL hosting platforms for our strapi project, but they run v11 postgres whereas my current development platform’s package manager comes with v13 postgres.

If I were to develop on v13 postgres then dump to a v11 server, would I encounter problems? The answers I got when I asked a similar question on a postgres forum was if you use v12 or v13 features, then it will encounter problems. That is why I am here to ask if strapi uses v12 or v13 specific features.

Strapi v4 supports postgres beginning with v10 as documented here:

I personally use Postgres v14.1 and did not have any problems yet (however, it is a very simple site so far).

I could not find this information for the life of me!!! Thank you!!!

I really hope that I don’t encounter issues switching postgres versions

14.0 is now the recommended version