Whay when i try to upload a video i get this?

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You should have an error message in the server console, without seeing that I couldn’t tell you

Hey man i getting this when i try o upload a new image/video

You need to click where it says response then data then error

Ok, says nothing :sob:

Do you have anything in the console of strapi, when you upload

what you mean buy the console of strapi? After i upload somthing and check the console i get this

There is actual process that run strapi backend

With command something like yarn start

There’s maybe more info

Most regular errors are:

  1. Nginx not configured properly
  2. Request body too large
  3. Incorrect provider configuration

Idc your disk might not have space or strapi process isn’t allow to access it

Strapi can have some customisation added that breaks upload…

Well the suggestions are, that you need to elaborate about setup:

Like is your upload provider is local or some provider

Does your video gets uploaded if you run project locally

I pretty sure that all work fine till the point i host in strapi in the cloud

It’s even not let me delete assets

If it’s a strapi cloud, you can just fire a ticket there

In other case it sounds it has something to do with proxy like nginx