When should we update to v4?

Hello, I was planning on updating today, but it hasn’t been deployed to NPM even thought Strapi is already in 4.0.3 in the Github change logs.

How will I know when I can update?

Thanks, very exited to update soon

Don’t think there is anything stopping you from doing it.
People are still waiting for migration scripts etc to migrate the data. The team just got back from holidays, so I presume it’s not going to take to long :blush:

How will you know? Keep an eye out on forums, discord or even the blog I bet it will be announced.

Hey Antoine,
In my npm search it shows already v4.0.3… I don´t think there is a automatic migration yet, it needs to be done manually since the new package is named @strapi/strapi :wink:

So why does strapi - npm marks it as 3.6.8?

When I did what is in the docs (Update Strapi version - Strapi Developer Docs) i.e. just hard coding 4.0.3 in the package.json , npm told me that the version I’m looking for does not exist, offering my 3.6.8 and downwards.

How am I supposed to do it then?

How is your package.json? Before and now?
strapi is at 3.6.8, however @strapi/strapi is the one at 4.0.3

So I should replace strapi for @strapi/strapi?

Is this a temporary way of doing it or is how it should be done?

In the migrations page it still says:

v4-Stable guides

At the moment there are no migration guides from v3-Stable to v4-Stable. These will be coming soon!

Migrate Guides - Strapi Developer Docs

So just replacing names and versions in the package.json won’t work… best to do as @Eventyret said and wait. Specially if it’s a big project.

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Yeah, I’m just going to wait for the migration guide