When Strapi v4 ecosystem will mature?

recently Strapi v4 was released.However there are bugs,the Plugins have not ported to v4 etc.
My question is,how long before Strapi v4 will mature?What do you believe?

Also waiting for it. I wish to deploy it in a production. And now stuck. I don’t want to use strapi v3 because letter migration will be complicated

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We are already starting to see it happen. v4 plugins are being reported on https://isstrapiready.com and likewise to our own market (Which isn’t public yet, but will be soon).

Migration guide from v3 to v4 will come in January (we simply didn’t have time with the holidays coming up and lots of people on vacation)

I’d say early to mid Q1 we should see the bulk of our users either already on v4 or moving to it quickly. Most currently active plugin maintainers have either already started working on v4 ports or completed them already.

What is the status of strapi-provider-upload-cloudinary ? I am waiting for it in Strapi 4.

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It was updated from day one, we no longer use the the strapi- package syntax and all v4 packages are now under our scope:

However the readme on that page is wrong (it will be fixed once we release v4.0.1 on wednesday) So if you are trying to configure it see: strapi/packages/providers/upload-cloudinary at master · strapi/strapi · GitHub

All packages listed in our monorepo are up to date with v4: strapi/packages at master · strapi/strapi · GitHub


Thank you so much ! I am new in Strapi and backend-programming but Now I got running smooth everything in production because of the Strapi in a few days only