Where does Strapi store the content?

Hello. Where does Strapi store the actual content?

I’ve seen various questions about the schema of the content-types, but I’m looking for the actual content. Where is it? I can’t seem to locate it either in the SQLite DB or the filesystem.

Thanks in advance.

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the schema of the content is stored in filesystem
the acual data is stored in the DB you configured to work with strapi

some additional information is also saved in the db like the selected views of the content types

Thanks. But where EXACTLY in the DB is the content stored? I can’t locate the table.

depends on your DB settings could be sqllite could be mariaDB Mysql or postgres

I’m using Sqlite. What is the table and column that holds the content?

The file in your project called .temp/data.db

I want to know the table and column inside the database. You have sent me the path to the Sqlite database file instead.

If I open the sqlite file in the sqlite3 client, what is the SQL statement used to find the content?

Does this remain a Strapi mystery? Nobody knows what database table/column the content is stored in?

Nope it just depends like every content type is its own tabel every relation is its own table and so on

Ok, here are my content types and my tables. Where do I find my content types in those tables? I don’t see a table per content type.

name of the table is a variation of the content-type name

I’m giving up. While at first I thought you were trying to be helpful, in fact none of your responses are actual answers to my question, just unclear comments which lead to more questions. Thanks for nothing.

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Hi Geoffrey, I think Boegie19 is not clear enough. The name of the table is exactly the same as the Content Type name. For example if you created a Test collection type, Strapi will create a table named tests.