Where is the best place to implement CSS styling Strapi or Angular?

We are new to Strapi, and our new application uses Angular as a front-end to consume the static content from Strapi CMS. In a non-headless application, we implement CSS styling in the application. However, with Strapi, we are unsure if it is better to use rich text for styling Strapi and let the front-end render the content or if it is best to go with plain text in Strapi and then enforce CSS there.

We are open to any suggestions or recommendations.

In my professional opinion, it is easier to implement CSS in Angular, but it is up for debate in my team.

Thank you.

I use both professional.
Css is not down to the backend aka strapi, though you could provide additional classes or values and use ngClass to change when it’s needed.

Angular controls the classes as it’s a front-end framework.

Strapi is a backend framework and controls the data

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